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Natural stone is one of the oldest building materials in the world, which was used for thousands of years yet before the Roman Empire.

The use of a natural stone in itself has many unique advantages; whatever effect you try to achieve, the right natural stone is an excellent option for almost any application.

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In 1970 five companies merged to form Franken-Schotter. The founders knew back then that only a highly efficient, highly productive and quality oriented company whould be able to fulfill future market demands. Thus the goal was set to secure quarrying land for natural resources and construct factories to refine these resources. Short transport ways, cutting-edge technology, efficient logistics and top quality products made Franken Schotter into one of the leading natural stone producers in the world today.

With over 150 years of experience, our own quarries and the latest technical know-how, almost any natural stone idea can be implemented for you. The specialty of SSG are complex projects with high-tech demands.

Material without time limit

Natural stones have been used since ancient times as a building material for houses, in the manufacture of primitive tools and many everyday objects.

Natural stone has always been and is still one of the best materials to complement the interior design of the house and facade, and many designers use it in their projects.  Properly designed and processed stone can be quite expensive, but in terms of quality, it is irreplaceable and will add coziness and beauty to your home.

 Advantages of natural stone

Natural stone has quite a few advantages.  After all, the beauty created by nature is unique and man cannot create anything more beautiful.  Some of the most important benefits of natural stone are as follows:

 high strength;


 tolerates low temperatures well;

 resistant to aggressive environment;

 always hygienic and ecological

 Although natural, granite or imitation marble stones are not harmful to the human body, as they are exclusively environmentally friendly, artificial stones are based on polyester resins.  Also, natural stone has a color combination that man cannot reproduce in the case of artificial stone.  When you add natural stone to your interior, you will not see the same decoration, because each stone is completely unique and its presence is a sign of good taste and is definitely durable and reliable, unlike marble and granite, because they age and lose their fashion, while natural stone is always in fashion  .

Granite or marble?

Because stone has been used in construction and design for thousands of years.  Granite and marble have become the most popular.  They have become so popular because of their durability and strength.  However, there is a difference between the two.  Marble is a rock composed of magnesium and calcium carbonate and has a crystalline structure.  Externally, it has visible streaks and veins, and thanks to different mixtures, it can be very different in color.Compared to granite, it is softer, which makes it easier to work with, and it does not crack or break on impact.  Its structure is quite dense and does not allow moisture to penetrate, so it can also be used outdoors.  Granite is made from volcanic rock that forms when magma from a volcano cools.  Granite is distinguished by its original grain pattern.  It can be black, pink, green and other colors.  Compared to marble, it is much denser and less prone to scratches and cracks.

Which natural stone to choose

There are several differences between marble and granite, the main ones being:

Unlike granite, marble is quite plastic and is easily damaged mechanically.

 Granite is more slippery than marble.  Granite is more plastic than marble.

 Granite is much harder than marble.  Given its durability and strength, granite lasts about 600 years in our outdoor climate, unlike marble, which lasts about 150 years on average.

 Marble is much more sensitive to chemicals and heat than granite.

 Undoubtedly, both types of stone are very beautiful and fashionable.  Based on the differences described above, it can be concluded that granite is more versatile and practical for use in interior design and decoration.  It is durable, easy to work with and very beautiful to look at.  Any designer can choose the right stone for the type of project you are creating.  And both stones will perfectly complement your interior design.