Facade design

We develop designs of curtain wall systems. Our designers know perfectly well the peculiarities of various facade systems, as well as the properties of materials used for facades cladding.

We offer to our client the optimal size of aluminum composite panels which minimizes the process losses of material. This service allows the client to order the optimal amount of material and avoid its wasting.

Your dream project

Our company helps to design ventilated facades. We design only high-quality ventilated facades, using only the best materials.

Our highly qualified designers are well aware of the characteristics and peculiarities of various facade systems and materials used in covering the facades of buildings.

We offer you a wide range of panels made of high-quality aluminum composite panels of universal dimensions, with minimal material loss.  This service allows the customer to order the required amount of material and avoid unnecessary costs.

 What you need to know before designing

Building design is a purposive science with quite a lot of rules, laws and factors that are quite important in the process.  Every architect must be as future-oriented as possible, and only then will the project be successful.  Several factors must be taken into account and followed in such a design:Functionality of the building.  Functionality in private houses usually lies in many details, from the layout of the building to heating and ventilation, which help increase energy efficiency.  Such points should be considered as thoroughly as possible during the design phase.

 Durable design.  The most important thing when building a house is that the entire structure is reliable and well thought out.  Therefore, it is important to have engineering knowledge, understand construction norms and be aware of different standard assemblies.  Remember that the future life of the building depends on the chosen structure.

 Building design.  Designing a private house is one of the most pleasant and exciting parts of building a dream home.  You should like every detail, maybe you should pay more attention to the design when designing the house.

 Design according to the customer's request

The main task of every architect is to do work that meets the wishes and requirements of the client.  But we should not forget that architects can offer beautiful and reliable alternatives with a much longer life.

 And, of course, we emphasize that the design of the facade of the building is quite an important task.  It requires a lot of knowledge and professionalism, construction and architectural knowledge.  So trust the professionals and you won't regret it.